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Tau & Sabina

   It was a wedding in the best Danish traditions in a small town Vejle which is famous all over the world with their Legoland! Tau is very talented and successful artist!  He is the author of all gorgeous pictures in their house, Sabina is his muse and incredible beautiful girl )! We didnt visit Legoland, but we were absolutely happy to feel the atmosphere of that incredible wedding day!




   On this trip, I worked with my husband! He was the second photographer and my strong shoulder on this trip, as always)! Initially, we calculated the cheapest budget option of transfer and accommodation: by car and apartments (room) through AIRBNB. It is worth noting that the cost of traveling by car in Denmark is comparable to the cost of jet waste))), taking into account the insanely expensive bridges (we crossed 3 of them in this way)! But the train is even more expensive! Plus additional mobility of the photographer is always a plus for a couple, they dont need to care about us. Thats why we decided to go by our car.


   We arrived at the place on the evening before the wedding, quickly laid out the things in the rented apartments and ran to explore the area, pre-planned locations and prepare for the day ahead! Vejle impressed us with its modern architecture, as well as in all Denmark. We traveled far and wide across old Europe, and therefore already spoiled eye does not cling to the old parts of the european cities, but constantly admires something very modern! It happened in Vejle!


   We stopped at several neighboring locations, mapped out a plan for moving and went to eat pizza at a local restaurant, where we were served by a very nice girl from Ukraine)!




   The Groom's morning has started in the Rabih’s Old Barbershop in Vajle. We captured "getting ready moments" of Tau together with incredibly cheerful barberstylers (hi guys!)) and his friends and after rushed of to the Bride! 




   The Bride's morning has started in the house of Tau and Sabina. We knocked at the doors and then the miniature Sabina, glowing with happiness and with a toothbrush in her mouth and a veil on her head, opened to us)! Oh I love such reportage moments)) They tell truth and they tell the truth and convey the atmosphere of this day like nothing is better! We captured details, getting ready process, made photos with bridesmaids, brothers of Sabina and her closest family members who were absolutely fantastic persons!) And then we went to the ceremony! 


The house of Sabina and Tau is thoroughly imbued with the Art objects of Tau - his unusual impressive paintings, such as this giant portrait of a man smiling with his eyes, occupied whole walls!



     The wedding ceremony took a place in a very old pretty church in Denmark (Øster Snede Kirke). We came in time when all  guests were already gathering and main man in Sabina"s life was waiting for her! Some preparations and Sabina and few minutes later A few minutes later Sabina entered the church to the sound of an organ and arm in arm with her beloved dad, who we absolutely adored)), because during the wedding day he always cared about us if we need a water or food)!


      The moment of Sabina and Tau's first look was so touching that no one around could hold back their tears, including Tau, including me! Oh, I always cry at the ceremonies! For how many years I photograph weddings and every time I get into these moments to the depths of my soul!

      The ceremony lasted about 40 minutes! It was beautiful, touching and heartfelt! I received a remark from the Priest: In some moment I was so fascinated by the shooting that I entered the forbidden for me territory of the church! Of course, I apologized, blushed like tomato, but it even somehow defused the situation, because everyone smiled) To loud applause and traditional tossing the rice, Sabina and Tau left the church and got a million hugs and congratulations from more then 100 hundred closest to their hearts people!



   Reception took a place in a school with a beautiful garden where we cut the wedding cake, eat delicious food and of course made a lot of reportage photos and group family and friends portraits!



   After reception we had about 1,5 hours for pictures only of a couple. As I told before we had a plan of visiting some spots for the wedding photography before we arrived in Vejle. Fjordenhus was number one. So we went there first.  


   Fjordenhus (Fjord House), the first building designed entirely by artist Olafur Eliasson and the architectural team at Studio Olafur Eliasson. Rising out of the water, Fjordenhus forges a striking new connection between Vejle Fjord and the city centre of Vejle. Absolutely unusual building, adjacent to no less than a fantastic residential complex in the form of a wave, which will be a little later! 


   We walked in and near Fjordenhus and then drive away to the forest with deers, who wanted to eat all flowers from the wedding car))) Deers were so close to us!! It was fantastic feelings! We had about 20 minutes for them and then we drived directly to the restaurant for having great party!




   At the end of this gallery I would like to say that it was one of the most cheerful weddings in my practice! We did not want to leave, but our legs were already beginning to remind about themselves))) And besides, the next morning, my husband had a birthday, which we planned to celebrate with a trip to Aarhus! After 15.5 hours of working we overslept the trip to Aarhus))), but Vejle was forever in our heart! That wedding we will definitely remember for its warmth and sincerity .. For the number of Danish traditions .. For 15.5 hours of work .. For the humor of guests!) For 6 hours of toasts, in which we did not understand anything, because we do not speak Danish, but from whom we laughed as if we understood all))), and the traditions of which we definitely steal for ourselves!


Guys! Sabina and Tau!

   We were very happy to be part of such an important day in your life as a wedding photographers! Thank you for care, thank you for choosing us and for the opportunity to work with you! 



The end)